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Tioman Island - Malaysia






  • Tioman Island also known as Pulau Tioman in the Malay language is a small island in the Rompin district of Pahang, Malaysia
  • It is located 32km off the east coast of the state and has 8 main villages, Kampung Tekek being the most attractive destination.
  • Tioman Island has been an important navigation point and a source of fresh water and wood used for thousands of years by fishermen.
  • During the past millennium, Chinese, Arab and European traders bring in goods like Chinese porcelain that can be found on beaches around the island.
  • In more recent history, Tioman played host to both the British and the Japanese navies during the WWII, and the waters around the island are littered with war remains which includes the HMS Repulse and HMS Prince of Wales.
  • These timely artifacts coupled with the beautiful flora and fauna which include Leopard Sharks and Soft Tree corals makes Tioman Island a perfect destination for divers to explore the deep blue sea.
  • There are several protected species of mammals on the island, including the binturonglong-tailed macaqueslow loris, black giant squirrelred giant flying squirrelmouse deerbrush-tailed porcupine and common palm civet, from a total of 45 species of mammals and 138 species of birds, including the majestic frigatebird.
  • The sea creatures on the other hand include Humphead Wrasse, shoaling fishes, various species of butterflyfish and angelfish including the rare Bluering Angelfish. Other than these types of fauna, it is a popular site for coral reefs and volcanic boulders that provides a habitat to a variety of species which include reef fish and Soft Tree Corals.




Marine Park

This Tioman dive site, situated off the shoreline at the Marine Park central command, has 8 wrecks at different profundities from 12 meters to 30 meters. Curious batfish seeking divers  on their exploration – beginning just beneath the surface as you dive. The disaster areas are all associated, so discovering your way around is not troublesome. Delicate corals flourish and reefs of fusiliers and trevallys can frequently be seen at the disaster areas. Once illicit trawlers gather together to be sunk, the wonderfulness of the 8 wrecks; now a bright, clamoring marine city-draws quiet acclaim and fiery endorsements from the occupants. Festivities are regularly held between Amazing Dive jumpers and gigantic schools of fishy local people with breadcrumbs.


Any individual who has been diving Tioman enough times will know and love this Tioman dive site, Renggis. A genuinely magnificent dive site encompassing Renggis island, and dependably with an amazement. This wonderful reef has numerous coral assortments – hard and delicate – and overflows with marine life – puffer fish, angelfish, butterfly fish, sting rays, moray eels, trigger fish, giant grouper and that's just the beginning. Renggis is one of the best destinations for seeing turtles jabbing around the coral for nourishment, and innocent Black tip reef sharks are frequently spotted. This site is regularly utilized for preparing dives and night dives as a result of the profundity of the site (just running from 5 meters to 18 meters). The unbroken coral base is likewise an uncommon affair, and only east of the edge, 10m out into the sandy base lie a bunch of concrete 'reefballs', empty solid circles that are as of now called home by life forms leaning toward an existence assist far from the hurrying around of Renggis. Diving here isn't just about the number of breaths you take; Renggis is one of the highlights that blow your mind.


Encompassed by huge volcanic rocks and stones, Chebeh Island can be dived at better places, depending on conditions. The site is well known for its random sightings of whale sharks and manta rays due to  yearly relocation (around April and October). Schools of expansive trevallies and snappers can be found. The stones make passages and entries, making this a challenging site to explore. The site is additionally known for its trigger fish and whale shark.

Malang Rocks

Protected on one side by Tioman Island and with deeper water on the other, Malang Rock gives two differentiating situations. On the shielded side is a coral reef with broad potato corals and pavona cactuses. A school of little barracuda is regularly found here. On the other side, there are substantial rocks (a submerged continuation of the above-water island) with an assortment of soft and hard corals. The fascinating rock arrangements structure an intriguing swim-through (or when the current is gentle, flush-through) overhead situations. Other marine life includes turtles, trigger fish, lion fish and nudibranchs.

Sawadee Wreck/Pirate Reef

The most profound dive site near the primary island, Sawadee is regularly utilized for dive preparation as a major aspect of the Advanced Open Water course, in addition of relaxation jumps. The two wrecks have numerous delicate and hard corals, an extensive shore of fusiliers and kingfish are likewise found here. Little boxfish drift around the lines of the disaster areas, recent occupants include a truly gigantic spotted puffer and lionfish. One wreck is home to a stone fish and a little and timid octopus.

Kador Bay

On the north side of the island, this protected straight has an assortment of hard corals. Numerous normal reef fish are found here notwithstanding turtles and blue spotted sting rays. Regularly an awesome spot for a first day checkout dive.


Boxfish drift about the remainders of an automobile at a depth of 15 meters here. Hypothesis is welcome, however the inhabitants here couldn't have cared less if their house was the consequence of a couple strife. Furthermore, the divers couldn't care less as long as it's a decent dive, and a decent Tioman dive site it is. Streams stream around Tumuk towards the SW heading during dive season, so passages are made at the northern part and exits at the southern side. A decent place for drift diving for cutting edge divers, and in the event that it appears that the turtles have for reasons unknown been especially sly around Renggis, now you know where they are likely congregated! Great spot to get The March of the Sea Urchins.

Salang Bay

The coral formations here on the side closer to the marine park come in medium sized, oasis-like clusters on the base of the sandy floor. Somehow they seem artistic, even purposely shaped by unknown hand; many a diver describes the oddness of coral patterns and life taking after Chinese bonsai and Japanese Zen influences. a resident 40cm long remora here occasionally attaches harmlessly onto the unsuspecting diver for almost the entire duration of the dive, giving silent commentary about the surroundings, and one of the largest Blue Spotted Sting Rays ever spotted by Amazing Dive still darts to and from its shady habitat under a coral-covered pillar.


Chebeh, Sea Fan Canyon, Labas, Tiger Reef, Golden Reef, Karang Tohor, Berlabuh, Najoi, Semanjing, Juara House Reef, Magicienne Rock, Malang Rock and Bahara Rock are just the few beautiful dive sites available in Tioman Island, each having their own respective attractions.





Similar to the Peninsular, Tioman Island has a hot and humid climate; sunny afternoons and warm evenings but cool nights. Temperatures are usually consistent due to calm weather coupled with occasional showers and storms. The tourist season peaks between May and August as the weather generally displays the least rainfall. The monsoon winds begin to blow from October, bringing in heavy rain and strong waves till January (surfing season). During this time, ferries run once a day while only select hotels (usually the larger ones) will open providing offers on their rooms. Diving activities however are ceased till the weather clears out.

May to August – Peak season

October to February – Monsoon season.

Underwater life: 60.60% live coral cover

No. of dive sites: 19

Protection status: Marine Park

Visibility: from 10 to 30 meters depending on the season.

Current: gentle

Water temperature is 28 °C all year round.





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