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Sembilan Island - Malaysia



  • Sembilan Islands, an archipelago of nine islands, is located in the Straits of Malacca, about 25km off the southern coast of Pulau Pangkor.
  • The nine islands include Pulau Agas, Pulau Payong, Pulau Nipis, Pulau Rumbia, Pulau Lalang, Pulau Saga, Pulau Buluh, Black Rock and White Rock.
  • The nicest island in the group is Pulau Lalang, which has a fresh water stream and a beach for camping.
  • There are several dive sites around these islands, which range from about 5m – 40m in depth, and have a prolific marine life.
  • The dive site here are generally more challenging due to the currents and poor visibility, which is rarely above 15m and often as low as 3m.
  • It is possible to see mimic octopus, juvenile bamboo sharks, tiger-tail seahorses, nudibranchs, juvenile yellow boxfish, juvenile blue ringed angelfish, butterfly fish, long finned bannerfish, blue ringed angelfish, groupers, tuna and trevallys.
  • Reefs include large and small nudibranchs, staghorn coral, big nudibranchs, tube coral, whip coral, yellow-tinged Acropora coral, barrel sponges and vibrant soft corals.




Pulau Saga

Pulau Saga has a lot of anemones in the shallows which host anemone fish (Skunk Clownfish). Possible to sight seahorses and nudibranches which include Jorunna funebris, Pustulose Nudibranch, Varicose Wart Slug. It is a good spot to find juvenile Yellow Boxfish, the juvenile Blue Ringed Angelfish, Common Porcupinefish, Blue Spotted Lagoon Ray, Triggerfish, Moorish Idol, Yellowback Fusiliers, Razorfish and Scorpio Fish.

Pulau Buluh

This Island includes staghorn coral, whip coral, barrel sponges and vibrant soft corals. The main disadvantage of this area is poor visibility, which is rarely above 15 m and often as low as 3 m. Many types of Nudibranches are hard to be spotted except by the eagle-eyed diver. I was lucky to see Brownbanded Bamboo Shark, Porcupinefish, Blue Spotted Lagoon Ray, Blue Ringed Angelfish, Yellowback Fusiliers, Groupper, Boxfish and even small Sea Eel.

White Rock

Information about this dive site says that it is “possibly the best site to find seahorses, the macro life is amazing here, from large and small nudibranchs, to juvenile moray eels, juvenile boxfish and scorpionfish. The big fish tend to be schools of chevron barracuda with common sightings of solitary great barracudas, to blue ringed angelfish and golden trevally’s.


Black Rock

This site tends to be similar to White Rock but has a lot more schools of big fish due to common currents. You often find schools of queen fish, trevally’s, batfish, Moorish idols, long finned banner fish and commonly some solitary great barracudas. The soft coral is another great place for seahorses and the shallow boulders host many species of nudibranch. This is the best site to see turtles.



Pulau Rumbia

In the shallows you find juvenile bamboo sharks sleeping under rocks which are encrusted with vibrant soft corals. In the sand here we tend to find the amazing mimic octopus most commonly as well as seahorses and nudibranch


Pulau Nipis

You find a whole array of sizes and colours here. The shallows have a lot of staghorn coral which has a lot of butterfly fish around it with a lot of Moorish idols, long finned banner fish and blue ringed angelfish swimming amongst the rocks.Nipis is the best site for nudibranch.




Especially great about diving at Sembilan is that you dive here all year long; no monsoon will affect diving conditions; contrary to the beautiful islands at the east coast of Peninsula Malaysia. Visibility usually ranges between 5m and 15m, depending on the weather that day. During bad weather visibility may drop rapidly, and the area will also have medium to strong currents. 


Peak Seasons: April to September

Live Coral Count: 33.91%

Number of sites: 8

Protection Status: No protection

Depths: 5 to 40 meters

Visibility: 3 to 15 meters

Current: mild





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