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Langkawi Island - Malaysia




  • Langkawi, renouced as Langkawi the Jewel of Kedah is an archipelago of 104 islands in the Andaman Sea, somewhere in the range of 30 km off the shoreline of northwestern Malaysia. The islands are a part of the condition of Kedah, which is nearby the Thai outskirt.
  • By a wide margin the biggest of the islands is the eponymous Langkawi Island with a populace of somewhere in the range of 64,792, the main other possessed island being adjacent Tuba Island.
  • Langkawi is a duty free island.
  • Langkawi is likewise a managerial locale with the town of Kuah as biggest town.
  • There are no diving spots in Langkawi Island itself. You have to go to Pulau Payar Marine Park Group of islands. They are located about 30km south east of Langkawi Island and North of Penang. There are many dive operators on Langkawi who can get you there during a day trip.
  • The most popular dive sites include the Sponge Reef, Lembu Rocks, Shark Point Coral Garden, Sunken Boat Point, Grouper Farm and House Reef, where you can see schools of large fish that are absent from shallow waters, including mantel rays, seahorses, sweetlips, angelfishes, barracudas, and snappers.





Lembu Rocks

The dive site is situated between Pulau Kaca and Pulau Payar and is known as the Sunken Boat Point. This dive site is a rough landscape that landscapes the sea depths. The plunged fish trawlers compensate for the man-made reef from which plants and creatures have made their habitat to prosper. Marine wildlife, for example, the Lutajanuslutajanus or Big-eye snapper, the Moon Wrasses, Damselfishes, Clown anemones, Moorish symbols and bannerfishes would all be able to be located at this dive site. Black tip reef sharks are additionally sighted in Lembu Rock. Maximum depth is 18 meters and this is the best area to distinguish different marine species and wildlife.



Anemone Garden

The Anemone Garden is a wonderful dive site which is distinguished specifically by the vast variety of anemones. It is found 13 kilometers from the west of PulauPayar at the north side of Segantang. The site has a most extreme depth of 30 meters and is a prominent fascination for those intrigued by deap sea diving. The dive site has numerous one of a kind types of widely varied marine life that can be experienced and found here such as the Clownfish.



Coral Garden

The Coral Garden in Pula Payar is flourishing with wonderful soft corals. A limitless paradise of submerged magnificence in its own wonder is home to a fantastic assortment of plants and animal wildlife. The beautiful corals of the dendronephthya species, in white, purple and blue can be found here alongside the branching tree corals Tubastraeamicrantha. Anemones, sea fans, snappers and giant groupers are different species that might be located here.


Grouper Farm

Another incredible site to visit along the reef is the Grouper Farm. The zone has an intriguing and special sea life that can be seen at a normal perceivability of 5 to 10 meters. Dive depth is typical at 10 to 25 meters. There is next to zero current here and the site is fit for any level of diving background. There are numerous hard corals that can be found here at the sandy bottoms of the dive site. Numerous groupers and little fishes can be spotted here, alongside some spot barracudas on the off chance that you are fortunate.



Lobster Garden

The Lobster Garden in the Langkawi islands is particular for deep sea diving as it has a most extreme depth of around 18 meters. The best time to experience this dive site is from the months of April to October as the dry season has the greater part of the undersea life movement of marine plant and creature species. This jump site is found south of the hanging gardens and is habitat to numerous shellfish, all the more particularly the lobsters, henceforth the name. Other marine lives located here incorporate the scorpion fish, frogfish, lionfish, pipefish, seahorses and panther sharks.


Kaca Sunken Wrecks

This dive site is ideal for those that need to dive down to shipwrecks submerged in the endless depths of the sea. Remanded boats scatter the bottom so that divers run to this site to explore and locate them here. There is next to zero current here consequently making the dive site proper for any level jumper. There is exceptionally fascinating marine life accessible here that can be experienced through a normal perceivability of 5 to 10 meters. There is normal diving depth here of 10 to 25 meters. The artificial reef here is made by the submerged boats which make for a suitable home for a number of the plants and creatures that dwell in the sea waters.


Platform Reef

A standout amongst the most lovely coral reef enclosures in all of Malaysia is that in the Platform Reef jump site. Located in Pulau Payar, the Platform Reef or Langkawi Coral has an ocean bed of an extensive assortment of sandy to hard corals. Different species found here incorporate the plate coral, rock coral and staghorn coral. Brain, Sea Anemones and Sponges can likewise be found here. The plunge site is at a normal depth of 8 to 10 meters with a perceivability of 3 to 5 meters. The coral reef is home to different marine creatures too including the lion fish, jacks, sea perch, snapper, rabbit, sergeant major, wrasses, parrot fish, angel fish, barracudas, butterfly angles and so on.


Pulau Kaca

Pulau Kaca is a dive site that has a magnificent reef wall at a depth of 2 meters all the way down to 12 meters in sand, then further 30 meters. This reef wall is the highlight of this dive site, as this reef has become home to many of the marine creatures divers flock to this site for. Sea urchins and crabs can be sighted here along with various soft and hard coral, cup polyps, sea anemones and sea stars.


Shark Point

A lovely dive site loaded with excellent marine life, for example, hard and soft coral, little reef fish, nudibarchs, sea urchins and mollusks. The territory is named after the Leopard shark that is regularly sighted resting around the sea floor of this site. The site is additionally referred to by local people as Hin Musang or Shark Rock and is described by the coral rock development that extends underneath the sandy base t around 18 meters, which is likewise what might as well be called its most extreme depth. The site is perfect for touring and distinguishing different types of marine life. The best time of year to experience Shark Point is from the months of April to October.



Tyre Reef

This dive site is situated around 13 kilometers from Pulau Payar, in the west territory and situated on the Pulau Segantang Island. The reef is portrayed by its rough cliff that augments somewhere down in the sandy base around 20 meters. There are a few marine creatures that can be seen here including the mollusks, morays, gorgonians, fusiliers, hard and soft corals, nurse sharks and the barracudas. The most extreme depth of the site is at 30 meters and the best time do diving is amongst April and October.




Langkawi has a tropical monsoon climate with a high annual temperature (varying between 24o C and 33o C) with an annual average rainfall of 2500 mm. The peak tourist season is during the dry season. However prices drop during the rainy season and it can be a great deal for low budget travelers.

The best diving time also runs during the dry season with better visibility.

November to mid April - Dry season with very little rain

April to August - Mid-season runs with light precipitations.

September to November - Rainy season. Daily rain of 2 hours not including the night

Live Coral Count: 60 – 80 %

Number of sites: 10

Visibility: medium, due to the high density of plankton.

 It ranges from 5 to 20 meters depending of the season.

The visibility is often better at Pulau Segantang located 13Km from Pulau Payar.



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