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Lang Tengah Island - Malaysia




  • Lang Tengahor Pulau Lang Tengah is an island in TerengganuMalaysia, offering sandy white beaches and clear blue waters with plenty of marine life and coral.
  • The island is in the middle of the best kept marine park on the East coast side of Peninsular Malaysia with some of the best diving and snorkeling sites in West Malaysia.
  • Lang Tengah gets its name, "the Eagle in the Middle" from its location between the Perhentian Islandsand Redang Island.
  • There is good deep sea diving here dropping down to 30 meters with big shoals of snappers, fusiliers and rabbitfish, a thermocline often drops the visibility which can be up to 30 meters.
  • Bamboo sharks, turtles and shovel nosed rays have been sighted around the island.
  • There are a couple of shallow bays ideal for night diving where crustaceans and nocturnal reef critters are abundant.
  • Some of the more popular dive sites are Terumbu Kuning, Karang Nibong and the House Reefs.




Karang Nibong Laut 

The site comprises of a heap of tremendous rocks on a sandy territory. We found a considerable measure of bamboo sharks resting under these stones with some exceptionally decent nudibranchs. Look under the saucer like leather corals, there are constantly some moray eels stowing away there.

House Reef 

In the sandy areas you can find cuttlefish, octopus and moray eels. If you go diving, check out the resident black tip reef sharks at the southern end of the beach. This place is perfect for night dives.


Terumbu Kuning (Yellow Reef)

A rocky formation below 25m where you can find nurse sharks hiding in the crevices. There are a lot of small animals like shrimps, flatworms, nudibranchs, gobies, pipefish.


Ghost wreck

a site filled with bamboo sharks and millions of fish



Batu Bulan

A very shallow dive over a beautiful seascape. The sandy seafloor, almost powdery in its composition, is interspersed with boulders and stacks of staghorn and table corals. Split-banded canrdinalfish, butterflyfish and damselfish swim around the coral structures, providing a very colorful contrast. The seabed is home to sea cucumbers and goatfish.



Batu nayak Keras  

Descending initially to around 20 metres, you will reach a boulder-strewn seabed with occasional patches of Acropora and sponges as well as small schools of reef fish like yellowtail snappers and fusiliers. Cleaner shrimps and other species of shrimp live on many of the corals, boulders and starfished. At the the shallow regions, boulders festooned with tube worms and feathers shelter moray eels.


Batu Kuching

‘Cat Rock’ is located west of the island with a depth of 20m. the site consists of a boulder arrangement that resembles a cat. Sea whips, barrel sponges and hard corals are home to glass sweepers, wrasses, butterflyfish and snappers.



1. Karang Nibong Laut
2. Tanjung Nibong
3. Batu Broler
4. Batu Bulan
5. Terumbu Putih
6. Batu Kapal
7. Batu Kuching
8. Tanjung Telunjuk
9. Karang Bahar
10. Terumbu Kuning (Yellow Reef)
11. House Reef

12. Batu June
13. Blue Coral
14. Batu Nayak Keras
15. Goby Garden
16. Karang Nibong




Between the end of October and the end of February there is a pretty strong monsoon season that forces the resorts on the island to shut down similar to other tropical islands of East coast Malaysia. The jetty is discontinued during these months. The best time to visit Lang Tengah is between March and October.

March – October: Peak Season

November – February: Monsoon Season

Live Coral Count: 41.3%

Depth: 5 - 30m

Visibility: 10 - 30m

Currents: Occasional




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